Mercurial clouds are headed this way

Mercury – the god makes me think of Mount Olympus and winged shoes. When I imagine Mount Olympus it seems like a lofty, broad mountain whose highest peaks are far beyond my finite gaze. In “Three Cups of Tea“, Greg Mortenson is awed by the Korakoram.  

I think of Mount Olympus as being something rather like this, but more obscured by clouds.

Back to the patron god of thieves. Mercury must have been moody to inspire the word mercurial.

This is another favorite word, though I rarely use. It seems apropos with the weather this weekend shifting from snow to sunshine.

The mountain view from my back porch brightens my day, even on snowy days. I don’t think there will be enough snow for a good view picture. Certainly nothing that compares with the Korakoram or Mercury’s home.

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