You can’t have just one. 

Once I saw a sign that read, “Cats are like potato chips — you can’t have just one”.

I’ve shown you my grimalkin, so here are the other little ladies in my life: Olivia, Zooëy, and Cagali. My word for today is clowder. There are only two people I’ve ever heard use this word. One was an English professor and the other my sister. I once had another professor put a ? by the word.

Earlier today I read an article on Web MD about foods our feline friends should not eat. I can’t recall whether it’s onions or garlic that is poisonous. Turns out it’s both. Click here for the article.

Here’s what dogs shouldn’t eat if you’re one of those people.

Besides bevy, flock, and gaggle, there are many collective nouns. What’s your favorite?


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