Accidents + Urgency 

I think I was jarred into a paradigm shift yesterday. My husband and I were in a car accident yesterday.

This picture was taken by Cedric Thual.

If not for my husband’s quick reaction I would have been hurt. He swerved away from someone about to t-bone us. 

I hurt my ankle in the crash (see you later pointe shoes). As I sat on a gurney waiting to be X-rayed, I had a lot of time to think. This past week I’ve not been meeting my goals writing for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve felt poorly and we’ve had a house guest. 

I saw this last night when I woke up hurting and couldn’t sleep: 

While I’m not going to beat myself up over last week, I’m going to keep pushing through. Often my husband and I find ourselves doing things out of duty instead of for pleasure. Too much duty drains one. 

The plan is to use this accident for a renewed sense of urgency in my writing. 

How do you stay on task?

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