Those “Perfect” Highlight Reels

This was just what I needed to hear.

Clockwork Clouds

Did you know that, when you look at a portfolio for an artist, you’re looking at their best work?

It’s a shocking revelation, I know. I’ll let you sit down and take it in.

Did you know that, when you read a book you’ve bought, whether from highstreet or Amazon, you’re reading a fully edited, final version of a novel?

Again, another shock.

Last week I wrote about Kicking the Perfection Addiction and I’m not quite done. I want to talk about Highlight reels. Specifically those perfect highlight reels, the ones our idols have.

In life, we are often forced to view the “highlight reels” of other people. Whether we follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or even here on WordPress, you can subjected to simply how good someone else has it. Pictures of all the great things that are happening, statuses and updates about all their good news…

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