The Male Perspective & The Kindest Rejection 

I know… strange title.  It’s 3 AM and I’ve woken with a migraine.  As nausea rolls over me by the light of my salt lamp I’ve thought about the fact that only 28% of characters in films are female despite the fact that we make up half the world.  

I have four writing writing acquaintances — two are close, two are not, all four are male.  

One of my close female friends said she didn’t think she could formulate characters into voices.  I’m not sure if it’s a lack of confidence on women’s part or what.  It’s just intriguing to me. 

The feedback I’m receiving is entirely male until I get to beta readers.  Also several of my beta readers are male as well. I’m not complaining.  I am grateful for the feedback I have received.  I’m just musing and curious. I know two editors who are female but they are copy editors not content editors. 

There was a chat room I used to be part of that had another female writer who was German.  There are female writers out there.  We exist.  I suppose they’re just writing romance and not fantasy or YA and not NA. (Nobody else is writing NA… *crickets *)

This brings me to my kind rejection. From the The Speculative Literature Foundation I received an individualized letter. It was the kindest rejection I’ve received.  I didn’t expect to hear from them at all much less to hear something encouraging.  

Darkness is falling

Photo by Evan Dennis

Darkness is falling and your way is not clear. Interrogative points dot the trees ahead and you don’t know which way to go. The snag of sweater against underbrush, the grim snap of twigs under boot, and the trampling of damp leaves are too mundane for the whimsy that awaits you in the dizzying questions ahead. 


Utter Nonsense

I have a horrible sense of humor. Truly I am who they made Cards Against Humanity for. 

If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity then you will probably enjoy Utter Nonsense.

Sometimes we mix games – Curses with Cards Against Humanity. This game is kind of like that. 

If you have shame it may not be fun. If you are shameless, like me, then you will probably enjoy it. 

The game play is simple: a judge listens while other players read ridiculous cards in the accent the judge drew.  The judge awards the player who did the best. The player who first gains five accent cards wins.