Bring Your Own Book

This game seems like it would be fun to play with a book club. 

It is quite possibly the most stressful game that I own.  It feels like a test that you did not study well enough for.  
We played with Atlantis Rising, Merlin’s Dragon, Earth and America because they all had Tables of Contents.  I picked up The Hero and the Crown, which I have read an embarrassing number of times and then put it back down when I realized how difficult it would be to play with.  

While you bring your own book, you swap books after winning two cards so don’t expect to keep your book for the duration of the game.  

The picker can use his or her time to familiarize himself with his book while waiting for the other players to pick the answers. 

The only thing that seems to need a time limit/house rule is the amount of time it takes for the first player to find the answer for the card.  After that everyone else has one minute.  

As goes for most things in life, it’s not fun if you don’t go fast. 

I give this game three of five stars.  


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