Who is she? For more than eight years, Melissa Rose Rogers wrote web copy resulting in thousands of travelers making their vacation dreams come true.

“What if?” That’s what her readers are asking now as they dream with her and are transported to other worlds and realities.

A drive to tell stories has flowed through her since she could hold a pencil.  As a child she would scribble stories in marker paying homage to the artwork and stories from where she found inspiration– fairy tales and children’s classics. 
As she grew older her stories evolved and were heavily influenced by Tolkien and L’Engle. 

Years later that drive to create has not been diminished though het inspirations have expanded to more adult media – developing a fondness for Laurel K. Hamilton, Ann Radcliffe, and H.P. Lovecraft (to name a very few).  
Dreams flow into her mind and she wants to share them with others to both inspire and challenge.

She lives outside the Great Smoky Mountains with her husband, daughter, and three cats. They enjoy board games, couch co-ops, and cooking together. She finds beauty and wonder in this bucolic setting.

She’s seeking an agent for an epic fantasy series while drafting a contemporary fantasy.

Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions are her own.  Pictures featured are generally memes (typically sourced from GIFY), Pixhere, or her own pictures.