The most elegant pumpkin on the block

Smoke from a neighboring chimney drifted into her nostrils as she carefully lined up the cookie cutter against the pumpkin and held the hammer in place. 

The drill growled as she made polka dots across the bright surface. 

She was determined to follow the magazine instructions exactly and have the most elegant pumpkin on the block. 

This is a Three Line Tale. I haven’t done one of these in a while. Thanks to Sonja for another awesome prompt.  

Darkness is falling

Photo by Evan Dennis

Darkness is falling and your way is not clear. Interrogative points dot the trees ahead and you don’t know which way to go. The snag of sweater against underbrush, the grim snap of twigs under boot, and the trampling of damp leaves are too mundane for the whimsy that awaits you in the dizzying questions ahead. 


Summer Sweetness 

A yellowed recipe book  awaits on the counter just visible through the floating lace curtains. 

Janine’s hands are stained red as she plucks the sweetness of early summer from an algae covered tree. 

Childhood memories are accented by hard pits. 

Thus is a late entry for #3Line Tales. I’m going to start doing these weekly diversions.