Intellectual Properties

What is she up to? Here are summaries of some of Melissa’s work.

The fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk anthology Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 5 includes Melissa’s short story, The Facade.


  • Unconstrained

A woman’s turned up hand with matte black nail polish holds red pills, also scattered over yellowing grass. A butterfly flaps its wings.

A young woman struggles with her mental health. She’s hallucinating and losing time. Her anti-psychotic’s warning label should have included avoiding ghosts, curses, and shape-shifters.

▪️ Adult, Contemporary Fantasy

  • Threads of Fate

Mist flowing over a ruined castle with cloudy skies behind. Petra, third apprentice to the Chief Wizard of Eyas, dreams of the day when she will be magical tutor to a noble family, just like the wizard’s second apprentice. The path to her dreams vanishes when her master disappears in a flash of alchemy leaving her to sort through a national crisis: Eyas is being plagued by grindylows, salamanders, and demon possessions. The king seems to doubt her abilities and summons help from the Dark Warlock of Mirtis – a baron whose powers of shadow and lightning stem from a legendary lindwurm. The source of the evil keeps moving. Will Petra be able to find and destroy it? Will she be able to strike a truce – however uneasy – with the baron?
▪️Adult, Dark High Fantasy

  • Dark Fate

Yellow and purple energy converging in a dark wood with gold n flecks glittering all around. Ida, a vain and petty succubus, has long harassed the Vordach Mountains in the kingdom of Eyas. When the warlock Angsmar stumbles upon her, he decides to bring this enemy of the state to the capitol for the king’s justice. This just gives her the opportunity to curse the newborn prince before fleeing.

Petra, the Chief Wizard, feverishly works to break the curse as knights scour the countryside in their pursuit of Ida.

Amid this search, Eyas is being flooded by those who seek refuge from the neighboring country of Volcae’s anti-magic laws inspired by their growing extreme religion, The Vision of the Fates. The king’s position without an heir would be even weaker. Petra must stabilize the country and break the curse but her taste for power is growing and she finds herself embracing magical taboos.

Will the ends justify her means?

▪️Adult, Dark High Fantasy


  • Pressing On

Old film of a ghost town in the old west with a stormy sky. When Julian steals a device from an experimental physics lab to impress a girl, they end up stranded on the Oregon Trail in the 19th century. How will they get back home? How will the past change their futures?

▪️ YA, Time Travel Science Fiction

Short Stories:

Arabella’s Enhancements

Old pointe shoes on hardwood floor. It has been said that ballet was the original extreme sport blending art, music, and feats of strength and dexterity. Ballet has become regulated for performance enhancing drugs but Arabella’s secret goes far beyond PEDs. A principal dancer must choose between her career and her heart.
▪️Adult, Near Future Science Fiction

  • We Had a Good Act Together, Dollface

A mic spotlight on a stage. A high school drama teacher turned comedian adds a vintage puppet to her. Maybe she should have given more credence to the bizarre symbols etched into the doll’s body and her grandmother’s misgivings.
▪️ Adult, Contemporary Horror

  • Shadow of the Phoenix

An ancient sealing spell is broken unleashing a vengeful spirit in modern day China.

▪️ Adult, Urban Fantasy


  • Chimera

A spinning galaxy. The faith Captain Faruq Khayaam had in humanity is sullied when his old flame invites him to embrace its questionable underbelly, far darker than he imagined. How will he reconcile his sense of duty with these mixed messages?

Only Dr. Rosenthal knows the true nature and skills of the XO, Yamamoto. For years they’ve served together – Rosenthal alone can manage his condition. If anyone else found out, they would both be executed.

A battle with an alien enemy leads to the rescue of a POW, but she didn’t want to leave. Will her trauma break the fragile facade the touch telepath counselor has crafted?

▪️ Hour Drama, Seven Episodes, Science Fiction

  • The Christmas Goblins

A thick blanket of snow in a storm surrounds a quiet Victorian village. An adaptation of a Charles Dickens’ short stories, Gabriel Grubb is disenfranchised with people until a fantastical encounter on Christmas Eve changes him for good.

▪️ Feature Film, Children’s Holiday


A woman’s hand holding a green world with leaves atop it like fruit.

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