• Threads of Fate
    Angsmar would rather be killing monsters than listening to his uncle lecture him about starting a family, but given the choice, he’d rather be drinking fire cordial to drown the guilt and loneliness. Grindylows, succubi, and demons are plaguing the countryside, and with the king’s precarious position, Angsmar is roped into quietly finding the source of the monsters and eliminating the threat. The last people he wants to be on this quest with are an oafish older squire, a decorated knight, and a meek, though powerful, wizard, Petra. As he searches for the evils without, he must face the darkness within.
    ▪️Adult, High Fantasy – For fans of Assassin’s Apprentice and Throne of Glass
  • Dark Fate
    When warlock Angsmar stumbles upon an enemy of the state, he brings her to the capitol for justice giving her the opportunity to curse the newborn prince.Petra, the Royal Wizard, feverishly works to break the curse as knights scour the countryside in their pursuit of the criminal.Amid this search, the nation of Eyas is being flooded by refugees from the neighboring country of Volcae, homeland of Angsmar’s mother. Their anti-magic laws inspired by their growing extreme religion, the Vision of the Fates, is driving anyone suspected of magic into Eyas to avoid persecution. The king’s position without an heir would be even weaker. Petra and Angsmar must stabilize the country and break the curse but Petra’s taste for power is growing and she finds herself embracing magical taboos.
    ▪️Adult, High Fantasy – For Fans of A Game of Thrones and BBC’s Merlin

  • The Course of Curses
    Something Old: A two thousand year old curse
    Something New: A budding love interest threatened by family drama
    Something Borrowed:  A necklace from her dead mother
    Something Blue: The sky reflecting on the lake where she first lost herself
    ▪️Adult, Speculative/ Supernatural Fantasy – For fans of Fruits Basket and The Vampire Diaries
  • Deeper Than Blood
    “Say the words.” His voice is rough, demanding. He cups the back of my head in his hand like he’s going to snap my neck. That thought jets through me as a spasm of fear.
    “Blood is thicker than water, but water runs deeper than blood,” I croak out.

    Phip was imprisoned for hundreds of years for fraternizing with humans. She has been released early with the mission of understanding why they have been contaminating her home, the ocean. The warmth of humans versus the cold brutality of her people leaves Phip questioning her loyalties, but she must guard her mind against a society where treasonous thoughts spell death. The echoes of love from ages past muddies her resolve. Where does she belong? Whom will she choose?
    ▪️Adult, Contemporary Fantasy – For fans of All the Stars and Teeth and The Vicious Deep

  • The Sharper Edge of Sacrifice
    With a storm brewing to the west and his half-elf son’s nightmares coinciding with earthquakes, a lesser prince flees for help. Along the way, he stops at a military general’s demesne, whose wife has been shamed for her infertility. A turncoat wizard advices her to accompany the prince to seek a cure from the cyclops, and while she doesn’t trust the wizard’s motives, she fears for her life and position, since her bitter husband has brought his mistress into their home along with thinly veiled threats toward his wife should she remain barren. While they journey to the cyclops’ settlement, they face more earthquakes, a sentient forest, and a mythological monster that is terrorizing a village. The cyclops life long and see far, but the answers they give are unexpected.
    ▪️Adult, High Fantasy – For fans of The Curse of Chalion and The Queen’s Assassin

  • Untitled – Drafting
    In a fantasy world where medieval services are provided by the “Protectors Guild”, a sorcerer and a fighter fail out of the qualifying tournament, so they use a loophole and team up to try their luck again. Both bring secrets, and a betrayal is inevitable, but their uneasy truce is cemented when they discover corruption within the Protectors Guild. Their investigations bring dangerous answers and forgotten truths.


  • Chimera 
    The faith Captain Faruq Khayaam had in humanity is sullied when his old flame invites him to embrace its questionable underbelly, far darker than he imagined. How will he reconcile his sense of duty with these mixed messages? Only Dr. Rosenthal knows the true nature and skills of the XO, Yamamoto. For years they’ve served together – Rosenthal alone can manage his condition. If anyone else found out, they would both be executed. A battle with an alien enemy leads to the rescue of a POW, but she didn’t want to leave. Will her trauma break the fragile façade the touch telepath counselor has crafted?
    ▪️ Hour Drama, Seven Episodes, Science Fiction
  • The Christmas Goblins
    An adaptation of a Charles Dickens’ short stories, Gabriel Grubb is disenfranchised with people until a fantastical encounter on Christmas Eve changes him for good.
    ▪️ Feature Film, Children’s Holiday
  • Barking Up the Wrong Christmas Tree
    When a workaholic jokingly makes a wish, a lost dog intrudes upon every aspect of his life—professional, romantic, and family. Though returning the dog to her owner proves challenging, the introspection he gains
    ▪️Feature Film, Holiday/Romantic Comedy