Put me down for a marvel. 

This book was marvelous — I could scarcely put it down. Despite the post-apocalyptic setting, this story transported me to a world where anything could be possible. A gleaming blue dome protects New York City, but what of the horrors within? I can’t wait to read the next! Check out I.A. Ashcroft’s website for updates. 

The characters were carefully crafted. I could easily picture them and their environments. Anna is not a Mary Sue – she’s well developed and important to the plot. With unimportant, sexy characters pervading literature and the silver screen, it’s refreshing to read a book that can pass the sexy lamp test. 

If sexy lamps are your thing, buy one here.  

Even though Anna is striking, I enjoyed Jackson’s character very much. I had to know why there are things only he can see. What makes him different? What do the ravens mean? Who is the starry-eyed man? What happens when he doesn’t drink the crazy tea?


This is kind of how I imagined the Ravens in the book but with a post-apocalyptic background. 

I loved the ending of the book. It left me wanting more, but resolved appropriately. The pacing of the book was compelling.

What are you doing?! Go buy it already

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