In one of the guided meditations I listened to through Happify a few months ago, the goal was stillness. After breathing in and nourishing and releasing as I exhaled, there was stillness. 

Listen to me, my friend. I give you a small serenity. I would give you a large one, but I am uncertain of human capacity, and I furthermore believe you would not wish it. This is a serenity you can hold in the palms of your two hands. – Rose Daughter, Robin McKinley

This is the view from Saltwater Cowboys. We ate here on vacation after a long day at the beach. 

I enjoyed the view and the stillness as we for our table and thought I would share it with you. 

Right now I need a small serenity. The vacation is over and it’s hard for my well to refill as I begin a new writing project. I sit down and the words come to me at a frenetic pace. I find I must stop before the well runs dry.

How do you find serenity in the everyday?  How do you refill your inner well?

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