Life Becomes Easier by Doing This… #inspiration #friendship #Motivation

This was something I needed to read. I think we have all had to accept a few apologies we didn’t receive.

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Letting go is hard, especially when it’s something that you have no control of.

A friend of mine (let’s call her Lori) came to me with something that was troubling her.

… “and then she just up and stopped being my friend.”

“What do you mean? Did she tell you she didn’t want to be friends anymore?” I asked.

“No.” Lori paused. “She has new friends now and doesn’t return my calls, emails and breaks engagements on short notice.”

“Oh.” I thought about it for a minute. “Did you ask her about it? Maybe she’s going through a rough time.”

“She is and the kicker is that I have been there for her through it all. I’ve been so supportive. It just hurts, you know?”

“I know, sweetie, and I’m sorry you’re going through such pain. But if she doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, the best thing you…

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