#MondayMotivation Christmas Time is Here

It’s Christmas Time and getting in the holiday spirit can be a challenge. Winter has never been my favorite season and with my father passing away at Christmas time a few years -ago, this is not an easy time of year for me. This time of year is quite busy for us — it seems like we’re bustling from one activity to another and the stress of these activities just adds up to add insult to injury.  So how do I keep in the holiday spirit?

My husband and I were discussing this just yesterday as we were listening to saccharine festal tunes in the car on the way to a solstice service.  One way is by listening to those very same holiday tunes.  I have a set playlist in Spotify of my favorite music. I listen to this playlist in every spare moment of my free time. Songs like “Marshmallow World”, “Winter Wonderland”, and “Christmas Waltz” brighten my day.

Here’s a quote that sums up how I feel about winter beautifully:

Winter is a table set with ice and starlight.  Winter dark tends to warm light: fire and candle; winter cold to hugs and huddles; winter want to gifts and sharing; winter danger to visions, plans and common endeavoring — and zest of narrow escapes; winter tedium to merry making.  Let us therefore praise winter, rich in beauty, challenge and pregnant negativities. — Greta Crosby

How do you keep the holiday blues at bay?


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