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This is not a traditional game but is a platform for conversations and unique challenges. The play begins in “The Forge” and the game play loops around on itself so there is no clear end to the game.  My husband and I played until we were both “fulfilled” in each category.

When we played with a larger group we played for a time limit and were not fulfilled in each category.

To become fulfilled in a category one has to gain three points in that category. Often when it is someone else’s turn one will have the opportunity to share and thereby gain a point. This can make for interesting conversations.  Often the cards will offer for one to accept a challenge and other players can often participate in these challenges as well. Once one is fulfilled in a category then that category becomes wild for the player and the player can choose other categories.

Here’s the breakdown:

Players: 2+

Play time: As long as you like

Age: 14+

By: Better Me

Better Me is worth adding to your game collection if you’re open to exploring personal growth, but be forewarned that some of the questions might be difficult to answer if you’re being honest with yourself.  This game seems like it was intended to be played with people that you’re not very familiar with but at the same time could get very personal.

There is a timer included. We did not have to use the timer to limit turn length when my husband and I were just playing, but when played in a larger group the timer was more important. Also the age appropriateness didn’t occur to me and we played this game with a group that included a younger child – the questions were monitored. We haven’t worked our way through all the questions so we simply don’t know if some of them would be inappropriate, though I don’t think they would be just possibly difficult to interpret. Examples of some of the questions that were awkward for very young children were questions about how does it physically feel to be you, or questions about body image and self talk.

That was one question that I had to answer this evening that was difficult for me – do I talk to myself in a way that I would talk to other people? The answer is no.  I’m much harsher in self talk than I would be with a friend or a stranger. It’s a game of growth, so that’s something I’ll admit that I need to work on.

Commitments I agreed to make this week were to compromise on the temperature in our bedroom so that it’s more comfortable for my husband, and to actively seek inspiration.  We’ve been keeping it warmer for me and it’s been a little too warm for his sleeping. I’ll also seek inspirational stories each day for a few minutes.  He agreed to walk at his lunch breaks and to seek out stories about hope.

I think this game would be fun to play with family members and with friends that want to get to know us better.  One last commitment this game had me make was to spend fifteen minutes learning about mastermind groups.  This game can be played to be like a mastermind group, which is a focused group of people that brainstorm and work together with group accountability. I realized that I basically used to be a part of one in the writing group that I used to participate in. I had to stop because it conflicted with a class I was taking.

Better Me is a beautifully designed game and makes for incredible conversations.

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