#TuesdayMotivation Positive Self Talk

When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? Do you compliment yourself or are you harsh with yourself?

To be honest I am harsh with myself and I know that’s an area I need to work on.  One of my commitments this week has been to read inspirational material for several minutes each day and today’s inspiration included information on transforming positive self talk as a New Year’s resolution.  They pose this simply as a habit that needs to be changed.  

We often hear statistics about making or breaking new habits.  It turns out that for a new habit to become automatic takes on average 66 days, so I’ll bear this in mind if you will.  

One of my favorite writing resources also happens to be a psychology paper titled, “Yep, You’re Talking to Yourself Again“.  Reading this paper is a wonderful resource for understanding the basic personalities.  We each have tapes for good or ill that we play over and over in our little brains based off our personalities.  They can be hard truths to bear and hear but you know what they say about the truth. 

Sometimes voices linger in our heads from the past of parents who were judgemental, of bullies in high school, or of spouses or lovers who were unloving. Those voices need to be purged.  Those tapes need to be ejected.  Once we realize what our hard truths about our core personalities are it’s easier ro reject those lingering messages that were hurtful but are no loner relevant to our core identities. They are like so much chaff ready to dissolve and fade away.  

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