Rise of the Seven

Frey’s memories have been returned to her but reconciling her past self to who she became without her memories is a challenge. Not to mention there are even more attempts on her life and her kingdom is in turmoil. Will she risk war with the Fairies? And what shall she do about the mounting tension between her and Chevelle? Her guard of seven will be instrumental in keeping the peace. 

I enjoyed this book. Ruby continued to be one of my favorite characters. Steed and Chevelle finally have a showdown. 

The development of the risk of war with the Fairies was intriguing. 

Again this book passes the Bechdel Test

There’s more action in this book than in the second and less sleeping. 

Chevelle becomes more developed in this book. One reviewer said she liked Chevelle in the second book because he is perfect.  I like characters to have more complexity than that. Granted we see everything from Frey’s perspective, so perhaps she overlooks his flaws. Love is blind and all. 

I look forward to the fourth book, Venom and Steel, set to come out this year. 

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