#IamMany I am a:
– sister
– daughter
– wife
– mother
– friend
– reader
– writer
– hiker
– home cook
– teetotaler
– #exclusivepumper
– vegetarian
– dreamer
– travel enthusiast
– scuba diver
– #trekkie
– #infj
– shy person!
– UU
– sweet tooth
– tea drinker
– coffee drinker
– hot cocoa drinker (basically I’m cold and like non-alcoholic warm drinks)
– balletomane

#IamMany things – too many to list. This hashtag is for “women to encourage women”. We all need encouragement, though. If this hashtag inspires you, please share your many facets with us – regardless of your gender identity or expression: those are multifaceted elements of humanity better enriched by removing cis limiters.

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