In time of silver rain

The poem by Langston Hughes came to mind when I saw rain drops clinging to the branches this morning.

I read his poem and realized it was about spring. To me there are parallels from the beginning of greenery to the end of it. Some of the flowering trees of Spring are so colorful they bring Fall to mind. The berries on some Autumn trees make me recall Spring blossoms.

Poetry is not my forte, but I hope you will enjoy this poem I cobbled together as an autumnal follow up to “In time of silver rain“. Yes, I know, his poem rhymes and mine does not, but I hope you will still enjoy it. I tried to match the number of syllables versus his poem.

I would be remiss not to mention that I am referencing “Late October” by Maya Angelou in the line about tinny dying.

In time of silver rain,

The sky

Lets fall the autumn tears:

Tinny dying –

As leaves, their emerald shed.

Browns and scarlets descend.

Cyclical life

Spirals on,

Gales up,

Drifts down.

In time of silver rain-

Final repast

Before the chill-

Hoarding cozy comfort,

Red squirrels, frenetic,

On ground yet soft

Scratch troves to shield treasures:

Acorns, crab apples, odd berries.

Anything to fuel them

Through Winter’s Bleak.

In time of silver rain,

When leaves

Fall off,

Spiral down.

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