Feel the positive vibes

Feel the positive vibes

Feel the positive vibes
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Had to share this. Sometimes I feel like I’m an island unto myself – a “stranger in a strange land”.

I try to see the good in other people. I try to “give by praising all the good I see”. Sometimes that’s an intricate tattoo on a store clerk, and sometimes it’s a pair of earrings on an old acquaintance.

Lately I have felt detached from my best self. Is it sleep deprivation? Is it the grind of the dark, bleak world? Maybe my flame has diminished, but there’s got to be a way to get it more oxygen- to breathe more life into it.

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  1. Partly unrelated, but have you read Heinlein’s novel Stranger in a Strange Land? It was pivotal to me some eight years ago, and today I’m wondering whether I should revisit it. The problem is, I still absolutely hate Heinlein…

      1. Go for it, then. 😀 In my opinion, Stranger in a Strange Land is just about Heinlein’s best – far better than Starship Troopers and that moon thing, and miles above his silly Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Yes, I hate him, but I can’t stop reading his books…

          1. He does the thing I believe a writer should avoid when at all possible: he inserts himself into the story. And he does it in very obnoxious ways. 😀 All his disagreeable views aside (I don’t necessarily blame him for those) I forget if he does anything else hateworthy. Maybe that’s why I should re-read Stranger in a Strange Land – to remind myself why I hate him. Which Heinlein books have you read, if any?

  2. I really liked it there and you know I feel the same that positive vibe uplifts a person. It is an amazing vibe and is definitely inspiring. My latest post is on positive vibe as well where I have explained how to identify positive vibes from a person and given three quick life tips and the second one will shock you up. I’d be glad to know your profound views. Tap the link for the article: http://thesoultalks10.com/three-crucial-factors-to-identify-positive-vibes/
    Enjoy your day!

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