Works In Progress

Works-In-Progress: Novels Threads of Fate Angsmar would rather be killing monsters than listening to his uncle lecture him about starting a family, but given the choice, he’d rather be drinking fire cordial to drown the guilt and loneliness. Grindylows, succubi, … Read More

Short Fiction

Published Short Fiction Legend: 📚 – book/ebook available on Amazon 🆓 – free 💻 – on a website 📚The Façade – Harvey Duckman Presents, Vol. 5 🆓💻Gattaca X Black Swan – Bewildering Stories 🆓💻Fragile – 96th of October Fur of … Read More

Speculative Fiction, Light and Dark

Melissa Rose Rogers writes speculative stories and is inspired by mythologies from all over the world. She currently lives in Denver, CO, where she experiments on her husband and daughters with recipes she finds online. She loves tabletop games (especially … Read More

Love, Loneliness, and the Spaces Between Us

Dear Reader, I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I hope this post will touch your heart. One of my favorite bands is Muse, but their song “Aftermath” has never sat well with me, and in this … Read More